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Cao Hui-Artist | Lin & Lin Gallery
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Cao Hui
1968 Born in Kunming, China
Currently livesand worksin Beijing, China
Educational Background
2000 M.F.A.,Graduated from the department of sculpture, China Central Academy of Fine
1991 B.A., Graduated from the department of arts, Yunnan Arts Academy
Selected Solo Exhibitions
Visual Temperature:Cao Hui’s Solo Exhibition, PIFO New ArtGallery,Beijing,China
A Civilized Banquet:The Scupture Solo Exhibition of Cao Hui,My HumbleHouse Art Gallery,Taipei, Taiwan
Selected Group Exhibitions
LATENT REALITYYang Mao-Lin, Cao Hui, Qu Guangci, Lin & Lin Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
The Evolving Art,The Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art,Beijing, China
 ‧Trace & Qualitative Leap  Beijing Film Academy's 60th Anniversary Exhibition  The Second Beijing Film Academy NEW MEDIA ART Triennial, MUSEUM of BFA, Beijing,China
NegotiationsThe 2nd Today's Documents 2010,Today Art Museum, Beijing,China
Reshaping HistoryChinart From 2000 To 2009,Beijing,China
The Home Court -An Exhibition Of Contemporary Art,White Box Museum Of Art,Beijing, China
Zhī Hū Zhě Yě-ContemporaryArt Rhetoric,Red Star Gallery, Beijing, China
Time Lag,Linda Gallery,Beijing,China
Source,MANO Art Gallery,Beijing,China
Discovery,Found Museum, Beijing, China
Spectacle-to each his own,MOCA Taipei, Taiwan
Chinese Fantasies,Found Museum Opening Exhibition,Found Museum, Beijing, China
My Bone, flesh, and skin-A special Exhibition of ACAF NY, ACAF,New York,USA
Art Unforbidden-Art Beijing 2008 Thematic Exhibition,National Agricultural Exhibition, Beijing, China
The Sixth Shen Zhen Contemporary Sculpture Review Exhibition in ChengDu,Cheng Du OCT Contemporary Art Center, ChengDu, China
Hypallage-The Post-Modern Mode of Chinese Contemporary Art,The OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen, China
Inward, PIFO New Art Studios, Beijing, China
Face off, Qinghe Contemporary Arts Museum, Nanjing, China
Free Fall, Chen Ling Hui Contemporary Space,Beijing, China
Perspective ViewsThe Sixth Session of Contemporary SculptureExhibition,He Xiang Ning Arts Museum/OCT Contemporary Arts Center,Shenzhen, China
Calling AStag AHorse, San Shang Art,Beijing,China
The Revelling Waves, Duo LunContemporary Arts Museum, Shanghai, China
Harmonyinternational Contemporary Arts Exhibition, A-Space, Beijing, China
Double-Kick Firecracker, China Contemporary Arts Exhibition, TangrenGallery, Beijing, China
Luxurious Times’Sculpture Arts Parables-Group Exhibition of ChinaContemporary Sculptor, HaiYi Chang Zhou, Tianjing, China
VeerThe first Session of Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Artists,Chongqing Arts Museum, Chongqing, China
Shanghai Youth Arts Exhibition, Shanghai Arts Museum, Shanghai, China
West Lake International Sculpture International Exhibition,West Lake Arts Museum,Hangzhou, China
Several Standard Sculptures of Contemporary China Exhibition, Shanghai Arts Museum, Shanghai, China
The Second Session of Young Sculptors Invitational Exhibition,West Lake ArtsMuseum, Hangzhou, China
The Tryout of Graduation Works From China Arts Academy, Qingdao Sculpture Stadium, Qingdao,China
International Invitational Exhibition of Arts Works, Changchun Arts Museum, Changchun, China
Group Exhibition of China Sculptors, Geshan Gallery, Taipei Taiwan
8th National Art Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
Award and Honors
2000  Yunnan Literary and Artistic Creation Award
1994  The 8th Exhibition of National Fine Arts Award