Yang Mao-Lin 
1953 - 
Born in Changhua, Taiwan. Yang Mao-Lin graduated from the Department of the Chinese Culture University in 1979. He was the first director and a founding member of the Taipei Painting School in 1985. Yang won the 1st Hsiungshin Prize for Fine Arts in 1991 and the Contemporary Painting Prix of Li Chun Shen Foundation in 1991.

In his works, we see from his perspective that Taiwan, through the juxtapositions of multiple historical space-times, a cultural phenomenon of new type has derived from the colonial hybridization, transpiring vibrant vitality and lively fascination. In an open-minded, humorous, and impressive way, Yang reflects upon the cultural characteristics of Taiwan, to which most people have been indifferent.

Yang Mao-Lin’s works include diverse types, such as paintings, computer animations, installations, and sculptures. He is a very creative and productive artist.

Yang’s works have been shown in numerous exhibitions. Since the first solo exhibition in Taipei Fine Art Museum in 1987, he has held 21 solo exhibitions. In addition to the exhibitions in Taiwan museums, his works have also been included in international exhibitions and biennales.
Canonization of the Gods-The Wonderland in Saha World of Maha
Panda Sarasvati-Monroe part2
A Story About Affection—Extraordinary Love Vajradhara
Panda-woman Deva rides on a Tiger Beetles
Mantis Captures the Toad
Peter Pan Bodhisattva Rides on a Great Mormon
Black OX Bodhisattva in Pure Land of Maha II
Tie Bod1hisattva of Great Buddhist Paradise II
The Three Sages in the Ocean of Misery—Beloved King Kong Vajradhara/The Three Sages in the Ocean of
Invincible Vajradhare
Are You Lonesome Tonight
Tayouan Memorandum‧Born to be together II
Tayouan Memorandum – Ready to Fight‧A Nightfall Date
Florissant Formosa L9601
Yun Mountain Memorandum L9207