Lu Hsien-Ming 
1959 -    
Lu Hsien-Ming graduated from Department of Fine Arts at Chinese Culture University. He has been the Chairman of the Hua Kung Art Association, the director of the Taipei Painting Art Group, and the chairman of the Hantoo Art Group. He received the New Talent Award of Hsiung-Shih Fine Arts in 1981, the First Prize of the Taipei Biennale of Contemporary Art in 1992, and the First Prize of Liao Chi-Chun Oil Painting Award.

For the past twenty years, his work has always focused on the intertwining cultural reflections and thoughts that surrounds in his living space and environment. This focus has never shifted. Through humanistic observations, changes in the state of mind and research perspectives of different periods, Lu Hsien-Ming wishes to bring a series of portrayals, in sequence, Taiwanese society and its culture’s strong and unique characteristics as Taiwan steps into a new century. This kind of work that involves sincerely looking at one’s living space and environment, structurally demonstrates the special intense liveliness of Taiwanese society. Through refined selections of different forms and styles and the creative use of colors, he helped recorded our shared memories. Not only are these records familiar images, they represent the common paths we take in our basic lives-a collective consciousness that is irreplaceable.

Lu Hsien-Ming’s works have been shown in numerous exhibitions, including major museums and galleries in Taiwan and abroad. He has joined over one hundred exhibitions through these years. His works have also been collected by Ludwig Forum for the International Art, Germany, other major museums and individual collectors.
Drifting As...
Somewhere upon a time
Ride on the Wind
Hidden Dragon
Spring Wind
Autumn Moon
City Bodhi
Four Rhythms Taipei
Green Mountains Remain
The Emerald Waves
Sudden Comprehension