Lai Chiu-Chen 
1970 -
Lai Chiu-chen’s works carry a whiff of pop culture but amidst his cartoon and comic book ideas their essence actually centers on age-old themes of painting: simulation and reconstruction. His mode of creation would seemingly resemble what Bohemian-Austrian poet and art critic Rainer Maria Rilke described: A small series of liberations precisely resulting from the sorts of contradictions that arise between what is currently fashionable and an artist whose worldview is not in synch with that fashion.

Among his works are those that resemble images of toy heads, seemingly like symbols of his own birth and growth. Considering the milieu in which they are created, Lai’s works could be said to be an assemblage of samples or specimens from life. Through his highly “controlled” creative methodology, once stripped of its frail composition, spatial elements and tactile sense of painting, we unexpectedly can find ourselves actually confronting the image itself, and in the repetitive layering of color upon this tableau the nature of the painting lies concealed evenly within its internal elements and peripheral outlines. Thus through these characteristics the works present a sort of smooth cooling sensation, profoundly rich in substantive variation. It is here where we can clearly discern how he has found the multiple within the singular and a peculiar way of winnowing out differing possibilities for painting within its constraints.

Lai has always painted only those things that he can see, as perhaps for him that is the only means of creativity that is real and will never fade from the popular imagination. The Canadian philosopher and academic Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) once said: Completely opposing new art forms appear precisely when the old forms are just reaching their peak. Perhaps we can expect Lai to create a radically different result and appearance within the contemporary arts environment based on this ancient artistic imperative.
The Yellow Lime Who is Climbing High
The Little Bear Who is Pouring Out All the Stars in the Sky
The Tough Sunny Side Up Eggs
The Fifth Apostle, Who Wore Rainbow Rings
The sigh from the Treasure Island
The Little Black Who Has Colored Spiky Short Hair
The Tree Who is Standing on the Corner
The Little One Who is Trying to Fly from the Colorful Ball
Little Yellow Guy Using Love to Hold a Cross High
The Sixth Apostle, Who Spaced Out Ad Infinitum
The Eighth Apostle, with Three Eyes Staring
The Red Lion Eats No Beans
The Evil Mouse Empties the Nutcracker’s Head
A Beauty Launching a Smoke Grenade
The Joker Thinks He Is Sauron
The King Can Only Solve Problems with Tanks
The Jack Dreams of Being an Astronaut
The Queen Portrayed as the Madonna
Look! That Dog Island Is Smiling At Us
Punching American Super Hero
Not twins, but conjoined twins
Sailing Noah's Ark on Pinocchio’s Nose
Spring Tour—The Queen Ship  Around the World
Oh No, This is Not…Red Carrot
The Sister Nun Who Enters the Fire Site With a Steel Helmet
Bloody Tweety
The Terrifying Looking Special Forces