Ye Nan 
1984 - 
The works displayed in this exhibition are the best selection of my essential art pieces completed during 2008-2009. At this stage, I have undergone and finalized a transformation and a confirmation of my aesthetic style. The working and fulfillment of the nocturnal photographic series, The Starless City, is a brief sum-up about my photographic work. On the other hand, the oil painting series created in 2009 is a complete new unfolding about the kernel of the work.

In my past photographic creation, I have confirmed with precision the kernel of the work is in the light (exposure, aperture), the duration of instantaneity (shutter). These are the factors of why photography is so called photography and not painting or installation. These nocturnal photographs are created when I used a torch to dot out a virtual starry sky in the hidden corners of a fast proceeding city. In fact, they are never seen by anyone, but appear as the Milky Way formed on my negatives due to the long exposure of light. Thus, they are just a photographic play happening in a temporal continuum, this act bonds the starless city with the existence of a virtual starry sky. However, what is hidden behind the beautiful and mystic light shadow is the dismal that city life has already become an artificial life. We can no longer teach our kids how to differentiate the Big Dipper or stars of Cowherd and Weaving Maiden in those brightened nocturnal skies. Those that perfectly synthesize heaven and human have begun to diminish gradually in the city lights, and we have no idea if such life is capable to be entitled as euphoria.

From here, I expand the possibility of images to explore philosophical thinkings and therefore, in the later stage, comes the emergence of these loosely painted drawings. Those seemingly illusive drawings are in fact my emotive eruption after rational consideration. I begin to form a world view. I have classified the world into basic models such as ripples, annual ring, labyrinth, magnetic field, layered stratum, directory post, food chains and etc. In these models, I have placed life forms or those mythologized life forms. Their symbiosis in this image creates some seemingly thinking inter-relational images. Here, they are at the same time metaphors, reflexives, written descriptions, and some indecisive inter-relational chains. I have placed them within my personal life and the historical narrative of incessant procession. To me, they are the prologue to more massive series and the precipitation of my thoughts on the multi-relations in history. I have woven these relational images and those sauntering while meditative drawings into the book of my life. They are indeed going more towards the field of my interest, but I will begin from here.
They Emerged after the Flood
A Great People either Prosper or Perish
Another Secret of Eternal Life
The Target Can't be Hit
End of the S-Road I
Underground Blue
Shot Cloud
The Road that Divides Springs
Ultimate Victory
Look, the Black and White Rainbow!Acrylic on Oil
The World is a Ripple
Alive and Dead Stratum
Memory of the Congested Stairs
The Mah-jong Table in  Dilapidation
Playing Chess at Zhen-Shu Pavilion
Starry Night of Crane Pavilion
In a Summer Night, a Front Courtyard