Lin Ju 
1959 - 
Taiwan painter. Born in 1959 in Yilan County. At age of ten he studied at Lan Ching-Hui's studio for three months. Li Ju was highly recommended by teachers. He received a grand prize of children's pictorial contest of Japan in 1970, he entered to paint oils in the second year studied in the department of artistic design at the "Fou Hsin Trade Art School". His first oil painting, "Memory in a Semicircle", was selected to the Taiyang Art Exhibition. Lin Ju received "Young talent" award in the Young Artists' competition of the Lion Arts in 1979. His first solo show, "The experiment of pure painting by Lin Ju, solitary confinement during 90 days," was held at Spring Gallery in 1985. It has been a focus of attention in the circle of Artists. He founded an art group "Living Clay" with his friends and then held group shows. His second solo exhibition took place at Lin & Keng Gallery in 1995. Two of his canvases were selected to Taipei Biennial of Taipei Fine Arts Museum.
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