Shen Liang
1976 - 
Born in 1976 in Liaoning, China, Shen Liang entered the China Central Academy's Affiliated High School of Fine Art at the age of 16. He then continued studying in CAFA's Oil Painting Department, from which he received his undergraduate and master's degrees. Since graduating in 2003, Shen has participated in many important exhibitions at institutions, galleries, and art expos in China and abroad. His work has been collected by the Seattle Art Museum, White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney, National Art Museum of China, Mountain Art Foundation in Beijing, and the CAFA Art Museum. Since his first solo exhibition at the L. A. Galerie in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2005, Shen has held solo exhibitions at the Goedhuis Contemporary gallery in New York; Today Art Museum, Space Station gallery and Hiveart gallery in Beijing, and at galleries in Seoul and Berlin.
Shen is in awe of the passage of time, and feels an intense veneration for things older than himself, such as vintage bottles of 1970 Xifeng Liquor. He believes time grants us life, and one can realize the past and present from old things. An old book, handkerchief, cookie jar, or photograph can serve as subject matter for his paintings, because, as he says “I am drawn to things imprinted by time, sentimentality and warmth,” which he relates this to his own experience of thirty years of home life. Time can be both merciless and kind: cruel in its ravages on the human body, and kind when feelings between friends and family deepen over the years. “Before I knew it, my daughter turned five. She loves eating candy and will find clever ways of getting what she wants. Her naughty expression and tricky smile reminds me a fox, a cute little fox.”
2017 No.1
Neon Landscapes
State Banquet and Street Food-2
2016 No.6
2016 No.3
Eastern Giraffe
The Sunflower Bible
Outdoor Intercourse (Second)
Back-pushing Heroine
My Mother's Handkerchiefs