Wang Liang-Yin
The stimulation to sensation, original desire, reality and illusion, memory and imagination, eternity and disappearance, all of these are the issues explored by Wang Liang-Yin's creation. The limitation between material and human being is remote and vague in artist's mind, but it is an absolutely veritable border of spirit.
Wang has been not only in Taiwan but also overseas for exhibitions such as New York, Germany, UK, Japan, Jakarta, Korea, and China. She had solo exhibitions “Happy Birthday, My Dear” at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei in 2014, “The End of the Rainbow” at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei in 2018. Wang's artworks are collected by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Art Bank Taiwan,  Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Long Yen Foundation, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taichung County Seaport Art Center, and Sunpride Foundation, and are not only selected by Kaohsiung Award but also won the first prize of NewPerspective Art in Taiwan Dimensional Creation Series, Long Yen Foundation Creative Arts Award, Chang Hsing Lung Award and so on.

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Chen Kuang-Yi, Paradox and Divergence— Wang Liang-Yin's New Painting Exhibition The Iris of Beasts
Angels, Apples, Beasts
Under the Apple Tree
Little Prince’s Rose
Tears of the Fox
Angel Chimes
Spray and Rainbow
Balance Practicing
The End of the Rainbow
Desolate Octopod
Sinful Forbidden Fruit
Quartz Glass and Rainbow
Gurley Candle- Christmas Tree
Crumpled Wrapper with Pigeon Pattern
FIGURAL LIGHT- Bird with Red Beak
Summer Duke with Snowman
Sparkling Dust
Balloon Man
Happy Birthday to Me_ Yuan
Happy Birthday to Me_ Echo
Happy Birthday to Me_ Pablo
The Repeated Wish_ A Sweet Afterlife
The Repeated Wish_ Black Flames
The Last Wish