Zhao Zhao 
1982 - 
Certain hypotheses about violence are often built into the Zhao Zhao's creative system: struggle and balance with respect to governmental authority, division and continuity in Chinese culture and history, and the assimilation and exclusion of different communities. The radical anarchism in Zhao's work is related to his strong belief in individual free will. Using various exhibition strategies, Zhao presents us with every conceivable conflict—both internal and external—related to contemporary China. He cleverly transforms these conflicts into poetic or humorous art works possessing the characteristics of radical yet peaceful allegories.
Zhao Zhao was born in 1982 in the Xinjiang Province of China. His work spans multiple forms, including installation, performance, painting, and photography. He avoids restrictions created by popular concepts and the market, but rather relies on direct perceptions and his personal experiences. Zhao advances the challenges his young generation poses to China and its conventional ideology.
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