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Lu Hsien-Ming|City‧Theater
Date:2008|11.08 - 12.02
Reception:2008|11.08 3:30pm
Location:Lin & Keng Gallery‧Taipei
Lu Hsien-Ming makes use of the places he lingers as the basis of his creation. The relation between man and the city is embedded in the work and displays through the structure of space and time.
In the 21st century Taiwan, the distance and emptiness of modern technology, along with the coldness of civilization are mixed with the warmth of humanity to create the intriguing landscape of this new island nation. Complex emotions envelope the structural magnificence, and this substantial framework supports a delicate and sensitive nerve system. The cold and persevering modernity of steel material, the temporal fluidity of LED, and the tender psychedelic and literate ambience of oil painting, are combined to give a spiritual nowness and a fabled future.
The concrete forms of Lu’s works, the strong illustrated concept, when combined with the content and intertwined with time and space, what fades away is the clamor, but what leaves behind is the authentic and profound reflection.