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The Way is Not Merely Between Two Points

Looking back over the past two or three decades of operating various galleries, from sole management of the Tianshia Gallery to the cooperative effort of the Dimensions Art Center, Lin & Keng Gallery and on to the Lin & Lin Gallery, from the start-up of my dazed and confused youth to today with thinning and graying hair, the footprints left behind along that path, both the profound and the trivial, are indeed testimony to that journey as well as marks of cumulative experiences.
Today, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude as we formally mark our move into, and the grand opening of, Lin & Lin Gallery’s newly purchased art space here in downtown Taipei’s East Side. Henceforth I intend to continue as always to confront the future challenges of the swift and continual shifts in the domestic and overseas arts milieu with even greater passion and confidence in the unshakeable belief that through the foundations lain through the course of two generations, Lin & Lin Gallery can forge itself into both a collection-oriented gallery of international outlook while promoting classics of contemporary Chinese art.
It has been through reflecting on those heady years of half a lifetime engaged in the enterprise of art that a firm conviction on this life has spontaneously arisen. It has now become a pursuit that I, my team of associates and my children truly love and persist in. Despite the many twists and turns along the path, we as yet in retrospect savor the sweetness of the rewards and surprises and our hearts are brimmed with a sense of being richly blessed. Because of the charisma and value of art; because of this passion and commitment; because of the undying support and recognition of the artists, collectors and art community at our side all along the way, we are compelled to take even greater responsibility and a sense of mission upon our shoulders, unwilling to throttle down even slightly, so that Lin & Lin Gallery may grow into an eternally sustainable operation, a classic brand to be handed down through generations.
As I stand here now I can already vaguely discern this “way” stretching out toward a vision of that even more profound and far-reaching era. “The Way is Not Merely Between Two Points;” it is not merely the path between Lin & Keng Gallery and Lin & Lin Gallery; nor is it merely the path leading from forerunning artists to the mainstream, the contemporary and even the new generation of artists; it is not merely between Taipei and Beijing; and it is not between one generation and the next …
The path we have taken has passed through some ups and downs of our times, but after the passage of some tumultuous periods we have always eventually returned to the placid and the peaceful. The accolades and encouragement we have earned as we persist and persevere have given us a deep sense of the value of that perseverance, and of its warm afterglow.
Despite brief periods of solitude during this struggle, I have never been lonely and have always eventually found the path upon which I wish to be. I reflect on those years seeking painstakingly high and low on my own for those Chinese artists of preceding generations, at home and abroad, that have been forgotten by time; as well as with each step and every footprint digging up first, second and third generation Chinese artists. The bedrock of the enterprise that coalesced from these efforts has reflected well upon our arts enterprise and its intersection with art history.
This truly corroborates a verse recorded in Zhuangzi’s Nanhua Jing (Annals of South China) stating: “The capable toil, the wise are vexed, the incapable demand nothing.” Even if the path has been a rough one, I am ultimately convinced that “Persevering in doing well what is right, is the right thing to do.” And so, consequently, that I and my successors will go forward in greater belief, resolution and perseverance as to the principles and direction of our gallery’s operation, that is, that which I indeed seek, is akin to sampling the faraway delicate lingering fragrance of an ancient tree in bloom is a sublime joy not rooted in a single moment.
Pacing, pondering and looking up amidst our new space at No. 16 Dongfeng St., thoughts of the path from the very beginning permeate my mind. The multifarious emotions wracking my soul are hard to put into words. I am hopeful that the roots of this old tree that is Lin & Lin Gallery will grow deep indeed into the earth here and that tender new shoots will soon be flourishing upon its newly broadening branches.
Let the story of this gallery be like that of the story of art itself – eternal, fruitful and continuously being written …