Within Xiaobai Su’s works, the unseen grand narrative structure embodies the Zen-like abstract landscape. Su has studied in Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts and Dusseldorf National Art Academy and is under the teaching of modern art masters, for instance, Konrad Klapheck, Gerhard Richter and Markus Lupertz. In the clashing cultures between the East and the West, Su incessantly considers the nature of art and its internal spirit. Simple, pure colors and form have become his creative dictions and on the canvas’s two dimensional surface, these elements have constructed a unique existence, liveliness and an unnamable visual charisma. Since 1998, Su has held many solo exhibitions and even displays his art works in Belgium, Span, China, Germany and etc. 
Clarify My Mind to View the World: The Artworks of Xiaobai Su
Su Xiao-Bai
NT$ 800
26.5 x 21 cm │ 119 pages