The materials in everyday life are regarded by Chu as his creative palette. The result of the assemblage is Chu’s creation. Emptiness is the canvas that Chu can easily access with, regardless if Chu’s works transform the whole into none or none into the whole, they will all reflect the entanglement and happening of energy. The entanglement and happening of energy will lead the viewer deeper into exploring even more possible entanglement and happening in life. This is the comprehension from “life and death alike, all matters are viewed equal.” Life and death are the illusory transformation of energy, all matters are the entanglement and flow of energy. Chu as an executor of brush strokes, is only the receiver of new life in the infinite emptiness, the guide for the visit in time and space.
Chu’s creation departs from the definition of cognitive visual art. He allows the work to be viewed from various angles or let them disperse easily. Perceiver’s contact point can be adjusted at any distance and the work’s position can be alternated freely. Between man and the work, confrontation is possible, intimacy is possible, playing with is possible, assimilation is possible.
(Excerpted from the artist statement)
Chu Earthstone
Chu Earthstone
NT$ 600
28 x 21 x 0.8 cm