Yang Mao-Lin once again went in the direction of another type of technological challenge. It was not the paintbrush, and it was not computer software, but it was woodcarving. It is unknown if it is related to his once again becoming a student, but Yang Mao-Lin had studied considerably conscientiously and diligently. He was nearly completely immersed in the creation of these woodcarvings and the research of Buddha statue styles. He also carefully considered and arranged for the roles that each character should play (of course in this part he was completely dependent on his subjectivity). Conditions such as this are pure recreational behavior, and they caused the Inviting the Immortals series to display actuality and letting go in struggle at the beginning to evolve into a genuine exercise of being immortals at the end.
Ceremonies before Rewarding-Inviting the Immortals III
Yang Mao-Lin
NT$ 800
28 x 21 x 0.9 cm