This exhibition is entitled Zen。Alternation and hopes to express the literary profundity in Hsiao Yi’s works through these two words. In his work, Sonnet of Ten Dimensions, he expresses the prevalence of Buddhist musicality through the sleek outlook of pipa. Big Path is one of Hsiao Yi’s representative works, the flat foot model depicts the hardship and perseverance of Buddha travelling everywhere to propagate Buddhism. InMotorcycle, he makes use of speed to express the rapid pulse flow when he meditates, and the accelerating motorcycle is of such declaration. All of these classic works will be demonstrated in this solo exhibition. Hsiao Yi uses copper to represent the work’s spirit and fluid contours. The uneven surface of the copper displays the wooden texture of the original work and at the same time delivers his works’ composed spirit and charm.  

Hsiao Yi pursues “authenticity,” the “authenticity” of a realm and the “authenticity” of the character. Hsiao’s hearty laughter, his sense of humor and the insistence in creation are vividly displayed. Lin & Lin Gallery hopes to represent Hsiao-Yi’sZen‧Alternationthrough this solo exhibition.
Zen ‧ Alternation: Our Forever Friends
Hsiao Yi
NT$ 300
28 x 21 x 0.4 cm