Lu Hsien-Ming's new series Urban Memoir incorporates vivid and bright colors not seen before in his work, and blending this with the large amount of stainless steel depicted in his previous series Urban Theater, Lu gives his latest depictions of pedestrian overpasses and steel beams a fashionable and lighthearted appeal. Overall, these paintings exude vitality, optimism and a joyous atmosphere. 

Spring Windand Autumn Moon, two of Lu's works from this series depicting a heavy-duty road roller (also known as a steam roller) differ conceptually from his previous works. Lu Hsien-Ming's anthropomorphic portrait-like depiction of a road roller gives it an exuberant and glamorous movie-star quality. All of the figures in his new works, Green Mountains Remain and Under Pink Sunsets, are thin old men with gray hair, with a lighted smoky cigarette. Sitting on the embankment by the Danshui river or on park benches, they gaze into the distance, their hands revealing their struggles with blue veins rising to the surface of dry skin. Lu Hsien-Ming also added the constant companions of older, common folk: cigarette smoke curling upwards from finger tips, Taiwan Beer and betel nuts, all of which
portray real features of Taiwan.

Lu Hsien-Ming'sUrban Memoir presents the attractive surface of the city landscape, and at the same time, aspires to create an opportunity for viewers to re-evaluate their relationships with their environment. (extracts from Wu Yinhui’s critical essay)
Urban Memoir
Lu Hsien-Min
NT$ 300
28 x 21 cm