Mapping the Moment—The Paintings of Huang Chia-Ning, Chiu Chien-jen and Ye Nanreveals emerging artists’ integration and depiction of their roaming about in the contemporary space-time. The random fragments and the spontaneous records of life are the subjects of Huang Chia-Ning’s paintings. By closely observing and carefully depicting these sundry items, Huang constructs scenes which nonetheless embody a sentiment particular to Taiwan. On the other hand, Chiu Chien-jen reconstructs scenes which make evident the significance of their disappearance with a great amount of repetitive dripping and wiping on of paint. From Chiu’s selections and editing, we see the fullness of imagery in contemporary life. As for Ye Nan, he seems to be more interested in macroscopic views of human society. In a series of his photographs, Ye creates scenes where bursts of light break through darkness in an untimely fashion which resembles proof of what once existed but cannot reappear, represents scenes that will never return.
The world is transforming in a speed that is beyond our apprehension, and the alternation of generations has opened up the possibility of a more diversified perception. Through these artists’ independent window of affect, we are able to gaze upon a specific spontaneity of this world, or to record down the perceptions of the moment, and the temporal cross-section of those hidden unknowns. Mapping the moment thus begins from now-here and permeates into infinity.
Mapping the Moment
NT$ 500
29 x 25 cm │ 45 pages