The initial members of Hantoo art group are Lu Tien Yan, Yang Maolin, Wu Tien-Chang, Lu Hsien-Ming, Kuo Wei-Kuo, Li Min-Jong, Lien Chien-Hsing, Yang Jen Ming. There are also emerging artists in various generations who join in the group, for instance, Lai Hsin-lung, Chu Shu Hsien, Chen Ching Yao, Tang Tang-Fa, Deng Wen Jen, Chang Ling and etc.

This time the gallery displays Hantoo art group’s Male’s Self Entertainment. The exhibition echoes the concerns in the artists’ creation, for instance the ambiguity, humor, paradox, desire, representation, collage, and temporality of the chaotic contemporary culture and the phenomenon of the loss of the origin.
Male’s Self Entertainment
NT$ 200
28 x 21 cm