Hidden Life: Apartment Diaryinvites Chi Peng, Liang Yuanwei, Lin Zhipeng, Ma Qiusha, Peng wei, Peng Yun, Shen Yang, Wang Tiantian, Wang Zi, Yang Da Zhi, Yang Xinguang, Zhou Jing, these 12 young artists to participate in the exhibition.
This exhibition displays certain state of the artist’s “hidden life” in reality, which reflexes their hidden status and relationship with art creation. Simultaneously, this is also an experimental exhibition. Its experimentation focuses on the symbolic representation existing in the contemporary art creation and points towards the phenomenon that is overly direct and precise. Or it can be said that among the numerous exhibitions that take place in commercial mechanism, many are constituted with similar and works of precise objectivity. Therefore, the exhibition itself is more like the transplantation of their habitats or a reflection of their attitude and cognition in lifestyle through everyday objects and their living manners.  
Hidden Life: Apartment Diary
NT$ 800
22 x 16 x 3 cm