Since 2000, Liu Shih-Tung has started his creation from documentary video, land art and experimental works to image works. It seems that he shifted his works into 2-diemtional painting form from the cubic-like works, whereas he creates another perspective of cultural beauty. He became an outstanding contemporary collage artist, whose works are abundant in element of painting. “Breeze- The Landscapes of Liu Shih-Tung” presents a serious of his new works, and the word “Breeze“ which came from Taiwanese dialect, representing the implied literati style in his works.
In his works, the most of materials that he used came from the consuming printed images, such as magazines and leaflets. Through deconstructing and rearranging, those images transformed into diverting and critical frames. The traditional western collage no longer lasts, whereas the oriental landscape-like composition has been created. Liu’s peculiar collage layer and theme are not only the subversion of the daily visual experience, but also the dialogue among the industrial culture and handcrafted spirit, meanwhile these collage layers as well became the conversation between rapid images communicating and comfortable life.
Breeze: The Landscapes of Liu Shih-Tung
Liu Shih-Tung
NT$ 800
27 x 25 cm │ 72 pages