Known for his series black and white ink engraving works which are fulfilled with complex graving marks, Leng Bingchun has been living in the Europe for years, like a migratory bird traveling between Spain and China. He crossovers the gap between eastern and western culture and then recently, he has been back on canvas, applying the reconstruction and the innovation of multiple media to create the new Chinese aesthetic atmosphere of immeasurability which rooted in the traditional culture. The LIN & LIN Gallery is lunching the artist’s first solo exhibition-“About Simple “in Taipei in April, showing the artist’s latest and the previous works.
Based on the complexity and then toward to the terseness, finally the artist came to simplicity. The artist has persistently introspected and delved into the essences of simplicity, thus he started to realize the great beauty is of no semblance and to apply to his art language.
It is just like using another brand new language, Leng applied natural media which is abundant in poetic feeling of oriental art such as withered lotus leaves, tea leaves, linen and herbs blended with oil paints and created his dense landscape on the canvas, which is fulfilled with the prospect of literatus of profundity. The texture that the overlapped media produced built a cubic space which is metaphysical and alluring, and it has changed the exquisite oil paints’ vivid peculiarity and allowed it to transform into a landscape of unadorned and quiet atmosphere. The base of the paintings are very calm, repeatedly polished and immersed between tea and Chinese ink which is a painting skill used during Song Dynasty. Thus, the artist has created a strong, deep but implicit color that doesn’t seem to be there. Leng has been accumulating the unique color that he created and then makes it become his art language that shows the profoundest spirit of the artist and thus, he has stepped into the fine perfection of his works.
To exercise the medium based on nature, the experimental of the multiple media and the skill in tinting show not only the artist’s precision to the application of material but also the proficient in skill. Moreover, these all showcase out the artist’s cultural depth of internalization and the pursuit of tradition which is rooted in his spirit. The true meaning and the essence of his art language indistinctly exist in the works. Leng first classified the Chinese tradition and then he interpreted this knowledge into his works with forms of Chinese landscape and zenith, flower and fruits. The artist depicted the objects precisely between the abstract and the concrete. Meanwhile, he has made a cultural combination of harmony and compatibility; hence the works are full with his strong ego. The entwined linen on the canvases seems like time went on. Leng said to him, to create is the way he returns to his homeland. The art that he created has become a medium to him and reflects an innovative and significant aesthetics which originated with Chinese tradition and spirit.
About Simple: Leng Bingchuan
Leng Bingchuan
NT$ 1200
28 x 24 cm │ 104 pages