Lin & Lin Gallery is proud to present Lu Hsien-Ming’s A City of Silence: Taipei, 1984 to 2014 in the wake of his same-titled solo exhibition held in Today Art Museum in Beijing at the end of this April. Lu has gained exceptional recognition and immediate public attention among China’s press media and collectors, praising him for novelty and perceptive depictions in art. To share these exquisite artworks with Taiwanese audience, Lin & Lin Gallery will continue the exhibition in Taipei, inviting the viewers to explore the essence of urban residential landscapes depicted in Lu’s paintings. 

Since 1990s, Lu Hsien-Ming has created Overpass and People series, which stemmed from his contemplation of Taipei’s progressive urbanization and industrialization. The artist created installations by incorporating materials such as stainless steel and metal plates, which symbolize urbanization. The metallic reflections of the artworks connote cold and forbidding life. The heavy overpass structures can be seen as an inescapable burden that suffocates people’s life. Only the blue and yellow light from afar can set people free, leading them forward. Subsequently in People series, Lu focuses on depictions of nameless people living in the big city. His observation infused with tenderness prompts the viewers to pay attention to those “otherness” that have long been ignored. 

Lu’s artwork is characterized by theatrical effect. Stainless steel frames and metal components serve as elements of theater stage and mise-en-scene, while figures on canvases can be referred to as performers on stage whose vivid expressions and gestures capture viewers’ undivided attention. Joined by reflective materials, the steely structures became dramatic, on top of which the audience can see themselves from the artwork. The boundary between figures and viewers is eliminated, so as to underline that we are the subjects of Lu’s paintings, no one is excluded. 
A City of Silence
Lu Hsien-Min
NT$ 1800
27.5x21.2 cm │ 188 pages