Using daily life subject matters to reach to the audience, Chiu said his creations combine and abstract the means how image and painting narrate. He utilizes self experience to construct a view which is real, yet, fantasize. Through great amount of oil paint in desaturated color and layers of complex painting technique, these daily life scenes was coded into various floating trace. Chiu’s work contents usually discourse on the effect that images have in the lives of the younger generation, and also aim to achieve a diverse visual balance between images and paintings. With layers and scrapes paint to create numerous condensed fragments in each painting, which resulting back-lit silhouettes illusion, the works reflect young artsit’s alienation and instability to the life.
Chiu’s recent creations have remained his usual character- using vague silhouettes to strengthen the contrast between the role and the site. With the use of variant strokes to create pictorial richness, he transformed the transient time in life onto the painting, and consequently brought out the visual impact to the audience. In his new series, such as Silent Moves(2012) and Heading Up as Before (2013) , he amplified the experience of a city nomad and applied the local and city aura to the paintings. As the work title illustrated, Chiu’s works are characterized by his strong traits, which coincide ambiguous and poetic aura.
There is no there there
Chiu Chien-Jen
NT$ 800
23x30cm│64 pages