The initial Hantoo art group resembles a group of secret base youngsters visualizing a possible future. This future even inflates into a collective spiritual totem, but their status at the moment is more like they gradually realize that they simply like “hiding in the secret base” only.    
Artists who swing between hard-core youngsters and akudou are becoming not afraid of exposing their akudou inclination. Akudou likes to do weird stuff and often is not following the rules, but he is not entirely bad or evil. The exhibition title of Hantoo art group in the recent years, ranging from the serious Art Diaspora to King Kong Caresses Barbie series, can be considered as the activated characteristics of akudou.  
How does the insistence of a hard-core youngster become a kind of old sentimental pureness? Hantoo art group’s current theme reveals an authentic contemporary sense, like those contemporary sense established due to the conflicts in art forms. It is obvious that those things Hantoo art group does are hardly to be considered radical, for instance, forming a group or holding a joint exhibition, or role played in another artist’s work. In the past, Hantoo members’ getting together is meant for revolutionary purpose, but now it is for the maintenance of friendship. The transformation of Hantoo art group incessantly reminds us the mental status of the 90s but which has now inescapably becomes a cultural inheritance. The previously passionate and radical stuff have now become lyrical and a delight.
(Excerpted from Post Hard-Core Youth-- Hantoo Art Group, You Wei)
Akudou Power
NT$ 1200
26.5 x 21.5 cm │ 192 pages