Since the Reform and Open-Door Policy in 1979, China has been distinguished as the country with the most rapid growth in economy. Challenges and import of western thinking along with the transformation of social structure have all become iconic features of cities in China. Liu Wentao, Su Bo, Shi Zhiying, Gao Lei and Xie Fan are artist that were born and bred in this era of change and reform. With their heritage thinking combined with large amounts of imported western thought, each has created different representations and reflections through their works.

For the youth of contemporary China, there exist infinite cities that are unfamiliar and sceneries that are un-sensed. Western cities are cities of others, yet the ever-changing Chinese society makes the youth themselves the other, sometimes even the outsider. The only thing significant is the need to find one’s own foundation to construct a ‘city of self’; only then can everything else be possible.
A City of Others
NT$ 800
21x 26 cm │ 66 pages