This November, Lin & Lin Gallery teams up with the curator, Sun Dongdong, putting forth a curatorial project WormholeGeo-attraction. Theexhibition features 16 the most promising young Chinese artists, who redefine contemporary art through the use of an entirely new language, influenced by the era of globalization.

A wormhole is a hypothetical feature of spacetime that is often regarded as the shortcut through spacetime. It is a mysterious traversable tunnel connecting past and future. The connection between two ends opens up tremendous possibilities and profoundly twists our imagination about space-time. Bringing forward geopolitical issues concerning historical memory and global system as the dimension of thinking, Sun Dongdong attempts to shed light on the artists’ individuality when confronting the globalized network era. According to Sun, an individual possesses global vision under the influence of globalization. Through the virtual networking system that overcomes the physical limitations, a boundless geographical experience is fully realized while a point-to-point distant contact is completed simultaneously. 
NT$ 200
27.8x20cm | 8 pages