This catalogue including 25 paintings, curator Cui Cancan’s article and photos of exhibition showing the inside world of artist.

Lin & Lin Gallery is honored to announce the December opening ofSelf-Portrait, a solo exhibition presenting completely new work of China's most sought after post 1980s artist Zhao Zhao and curated by Cui Cancan. The exhibition, Zhao Zhao's first solo show in Taiwan, includes more than twenty self portraits reflecting different styles, moods, times and perspectives, but all in the same pose and rich in variations on the artist's talent. In 2017, Zhao Zhao was listed by CoBo as one of China's top ten artists, and was nominated for the eleventh annual Award of Art China’s Young Artist of the Year. In 2014, he was listed by Modern Painters as one of twenty-five artists to watch.
Born in 1982 in Xinjiang Province, China, Zhao Zhao got his bachelor's degree from the Art Department of Xinjiang Arts Institute in 2003, and then furthered his studies at Beijing Film Academy. Zhao Zhao served as Ai Weiwei's assistant for many years, and today is one of China's most important post-1980s contemporary artists. His interests include challenging reality and conventional ideologies with various art forms, emphasizing the free will of the individual and expressing an unconventional and anarchic attitude. His works include painting, installation, photography, video, and performance art, in which he closely watches the social environment and the living conditions of the people. He is socially active and challenges traditional ideologies, but his criticism always maintains a poetic aesthetic. Recently, Zhao Zhao's provocative and rich art practice has gained international attention, and his exhibitions have been favorably received in China, North America, and Europe. Zhao Zhao is seen as a cutting edge international artist.
Zhao Zhao
Zhao Zhao
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