Shen Liang’s catalogue Journey to the West, the record of his independent project Journey to the West from The Painted Book Series, includes an article by Shen Bo-Cheng. After three years of painting, Shen elevated the fun of portraying traditional Chinese paintings. Through his personal interpretation of the classic Ming Dynasty novel Journey to the West, contemporary tradition is reflected. Initially, Shen painted 81 pieces of works to imply the 81 challenges that Tang Monk and his disciples need to face, but later the paintings were increased to 103 pieces to respond to the hundred chapters of the novel Journey to the West. Shen’s interpretations, sometimes playful and sometimes serious, bring the cultivation of Chinese traditional culture into nowadays people’s life with a brand new outlook.
Journey to the West
Shen Liang
NT$ 1500
26.5 x 21 cm|80 pages