Flower Angel with Bowler Hat, 130x97 cm, Oil, mixed media on canvas, 2022

Kuo Wei-Kuo|Parallel World—Nanjo Art Museum

  • Dates|2023.09.25 - 10.16
  • Venue|Nanjo Art Museum
  • Hour|10am-5pm Closed on Tuesday

Kuo Wei-Kuo is the current artist in residence at Nanjo Art Museum in Okinawa this summer and will hold the exhibition Parallel World from 23rd September to 30th October. Kuo will present his recent works, as well as the painting and installation works during his residency. The materials he collected were from Ryukyu, from black iron bars found in Ryukyu material shops to materials such as coral reef rocks and broken shells collected from the seaside. Kuo combined his observation and reading of Ryukyu's history and humanities customs with the incredible images created by himself to show his observations and realizations during his residency in Ryukyu.

The Nanjo Art Museum, which was previously the Nishi Graduate School, shares the spirit of "everyday life as art" with the strong desire to achieve beauty in life through its own philosophy "beauty exists in our lives, in the way we live our lives".  They aim to create a space where artists can interact with each other while also respecting Okinawa's history and culture.

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Installation views: Kuo Wei-Kuo "Parallel World", Nanjo Art Museum, Okinawa.