Chen Chieh-jen|Worn Away—Vienna Secession

  • Dates|2023.06.30 - 09.03
  • Venue|Vienna Secession
  • Hour|Tue - Sun 10am - 6pm

The Vienna Secession presents Chen Chieh-jen's solo exhibition Worn Away from 30th June to 3rd September. Chen depicts people living in an empire constructed by a corporatocracy of transnational financial conglomerates, military industrial complexes, and digital and biotech giants. Through the global Internet, the empire manipulates how the vast majority perceives the world, and the common people, influenced by pervasive control technology, are led into various spaces of disorientation while almost all dissenting voices are marginalized.

Worn Away is the prologue of a long-term project titled Her and Her Children and is also one of several long-term works focused on mutual and self-rescue through "dispelling illusion with māyā" under the new caste system. The idea for the project was first inspired by Chen Chieh-jen's family members, unemployed workers, and his friends who have been engaged in dissent for many years. Even though some have suffered setbacks, faced mental health crises, had their voices silenced by the consensus logic, and are still heeded by very few, their life histories have provided the driving force to carry out this project.

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Installation views: Chen Chieh-jen, Worn Away, Vienna Secession, Vienna.