Liu Shih-Tung|BankART Over35: Islands / Liu Shih-Tung, Leung Chi Wo—BankART KAIKO

  • Dates|2023.07.06 - 07.23
  • Venue|BankART KAIKO
  • Artists|Liu Shih-Tung、Leung Chi Wo
  • Curator|Kaihatsu Yoshiaki

Liu Shih-Tung is the current artist in residence in Yokohama, Japan and will hold an exhibition at BankART KAIKO, one of the venues of BankART1929. Liu will present the performance art video Regeneration from 1998, as well as new collage, photography and installation works during his residency.

BankART1929 began its operations in Yokohama in 2004 with the aim of revitalizing the city while repurposing historical buildings and warehouses for cultural and artistic activities. They carry out a number of projects each year, including running studios and organizing and supporting exhibitions.

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Installation views: Liu Shih-Tung “BankART Over35: Islands / Liu Shih-Tung, Leung Chi Wo”, BankART KAIKO, Yokohama